Project Partnering / WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR

Based on our past experience, we focus on early stage projects with a scientifc basis in Nuclear Medicine, ideally  including an diagnostic as well as therapeutic approach.

A clear understanding of the IP situation is required to evaluate the project, however, at the level 1717 LSV plans to partner, a patent application must not be established.

In addition, first preclinical data showing a strong rational for the mechanism of action and projected efficacy are supportive in order to determine potential preclinical gaps.

Inventors willingness to out-license the project at an advanced development stage is important in order to find co-investors.

Project Partnering / What 1717 LSV offers

1717 LSV - supports your invention by adding value to your project

Create value

We perform gap analysis in development plans and provide expert solutions.

We assess the feasibility and the potential of your project by investing in:

  • IP Applications, as the basic requirement for commercialization.
  • Product data: we finance the generation of advanced (pre)clinical knowledge.
  • Business and development plan: we set-up a clinical phase I/II program and evaluate the cost framework. We provide you a preferred access to a Theranostic Research Center.

Find co-investors

We establish and support independent project companies sufficiently capitalized to conduct a phase I/II clinical trial. With our contribution we find matching investors and establish high-performance company structures. We support the project on an operational level and help in the recruitment of suitable talents.

Generate exit

We support the identificaton of a strategic partner and accompany the deal negotiations.

Project Partnering / What 1717 LSV offers

7 reasons to work with 1717 LSV.

You can focus on your scientific work, we take care of the commercialization of your project.

You have an experienced management team with proven track record on your side.

You take no financial or personal risk, but receive all the benefit of a successful project.

Your project will be supported by an excellent network and be driven by a fast track clinical development.

You will have access to a Theranostic Research Center (TRC) and the project can be verified in a first in man clinical study.

You will not need to spend valuable time to search for investors for a Series A financing round.

Your scientific invention are translated into public benefits for patients in need.